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Professional Coaching for
Executives and positive thinkers


WATER AND SKY offers professional coaching using the HypnosystemCoaching® (HSC®) method for
Executives, Entrepreneurs, Athletes,
People who want to achieve big
outstanding goals, or make a difference.

Of course, I am highly qualified with:

  • A bachelor and graduate degree in Business Administration
  • Extensive international business experience as a senior manager
  • Comprehensive training and continuing education in HSC®.

This gives me the ability to support you with
greater effectiveness so you can, achieve your goals, identify solutions to problems,
tap into your hidden potential, remove unconscious blocks, create positive change
Above all, I have developed my own style, which is characterized by
simplicity, transparency, intuition,
elegance, mindfulness, connectedness

And now: Let’s get started!


Coaching Services

„The moment you think you can win on your own,
you are beginning to lose. “

Kimi Räikkönen

Client Statements


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