We live in a time of prosperity, democracy and individual freedom. But we also live in a time when most managers and executives are stressed out. Real leisure time has become a foreign concept.

It may help to take a look at the world through the eyes of Shawn Achor, the Harvard professor, who has devoted his life to the question of what makes people happy.

Through his research, Achor has established that a fundamental error of thought, which actually hinders our happiness, is fairly widespread. Namely: "We believe that we must be successful in order to be happy." But that is a fallacy. The happiness studies show it's exactly the other way around: First comes happiness and then comes success.


artikel was bedeutet glueck 01This realization calls for reprogramming the brain of many executives or entrepreneurs—without compromising success. The brain must be trained to shift its focus away from unconditional success and toward optimism and happiness.

According to the Harvard researcher, this is done by writing down three things for which one is grateful, every day, for three weeks.

I recommend you try this.

This has the effect that your brain first searches the world for positive things and not negative ones. This gratitude and mindfulness practice lead to a stronger sense of happiness. And that is the key to success.

So for the next three weeks, take the time each day to think about what you are grateful for in your life and career. It is truly worthwhile.

But remember, even if you adopt this practice, you do so at the conscious level. Other important things, for which you are also grateful, are not so accessible.

According to Götz Renartz, head of the Center for Applied Hypnosis in Mainz, the unconscious is the treasury of all resources and potential.

Doesn’t it make sense to activate these hidden resources through gratitude, so that you can attain personal happiness, and professional success?

The key to this is stepping into the depths of your unconscious.

I am convinced that in this normally inaccessible area, lies the psychological switch that you can activate to feel happiness and become that charismatic leader.

With me as a specialized and experienced HypnosystemCoach® at your side, you will be able to do this—and amazingly fast too.


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