It all started in March 2017, when I woke up and saw an ad on Facebook about the JT Foxx Mega Speaker event ( ) coming up in Munich, Germany. It said that if you wanted to become a great coach and the next female speaker or entrepreneur that is the event you have to go to.

I thought-YES, that is exactly me! I want to become a successful coach and entrepreneur.

I had just gotten successfully out of my corporate job, and was planning to take the next step of my life journey. Being in business for over 10 years auditing and consulting international companies, I was always fascinated to learn from others about their success stories. I loved talking with decision makers of why their companies were successful, hearing what their mission and vision of their business is and learning about their unique business. To tell the truth, I was never a numbers type of person, but I had learnt about this during my business studies in Boston, USA and during my work as an auditor.

Who is JT Foxx?

Now I was ready for my next ride, and I went to see JT Foxx live in Munich. At that time, I did not know who this guy really was. Being the open-minded and curious person that I am, I went.

At the event, JT Foxx said that people procrastinate and do not take action, or not fast enough action. And people, especially in Europe, are afraid to take risks. I thought yes, for Germans this is often true. Having lived and worked in America for 9 years, I could understand the American way of thinking. These words really stuck with me and inspired me. I further learned about the mindset, branding, positioning and about selling value to people.

Not only did I learn more in these few hours of the event than in any other weekend coaching program, but his words were straight to the point and his advice and experience unique. The people who have worked with JT spoke on stage about their journey with JT Foxx, and how JT Foxx and his team brought them to the next higher level in their lives at the speed of a rocket.

During the breaks, I connected with some of these amazing women who are part of the JT Foxx Family:


Thank you Martina Haller and Alexandra Mollik for having met you!!!


Alexandra Mollik Sue JT


Not only did I connect with these women, but started to follow up with them after the event was over. Since then, I learnt in more depth of how their lives were transformed since they met and started working with JT Foxx and his team.

The people of the JT Foxx family were open-minded, taking action, and not only thinking about themselves, but how they can make a difference in the world. As JT Foxx said: “You have to give something of value.”

I knew I wanted to be with this type of people and learn from JT Foxx and the best. JT Foxx himself has 8 coaches. He said that if you want to become the best, you need a coach.

“An athlete, a business person and anyone who wants to excel needs to have a coach.”

That resonated with me!

Martina Haller Sue JT


The JT Foxx Wealth Workout program- takes you to the edge of your comfort zone

I got so inspired that after the event, I signed up online for the Wealth workout program. ( ). This is the first program I came across that not only teaches you to listen, but a program in which you have to take massive action right away- not physically, but mentally. JT Foxx knows how to get people out of their comfort zone. I realized after day 1 that this program is hard. But I am not the type of person to quit. If I start something, I follow through-I guess this is the part of my German mentality. So I did. I came up with great new ideas about myself, my new business, and when working with people. I felt pushed out of my comfort zone but at the same time empowered.

Not only was I getting up early each morning or staying up late to continue with the wealth workout program and doing the exercises, but my husband Christian got so inspired by my actions that he could not believe what Sue was doing.


Christian, wondered who that JT Foxx person is to have such a powerful impact on Sue’s life and mindset. He started to research more about JT Foxx. Not only was JT Foxx a Canadian-American serial entrepreneur, but someone who changes the lives of people all over the world, since he started out coaching and travelling in 2009 on a global scale.

Christian bought several of his marketing programs online, and started implementing changes in his business (ACATO GmbH – International Forensic Services –

We participated in the JT Foxx book contest, and Christian brought home all of his photo equipment and we shot a family picture to participate in the book contest to win and to feature JT and his new book We went the extra mile to get this all done fast and to ask our friends and family for several days for their support by liking our picture. And they did not let us down.

Here it is:

JT Foxx Book competition - together we are successful

Together We Are better - Taking action together

When Christian received an email that JT Foxx is going to be in Frankfurt in June, he went to attend his Mega speaker event as well.

Result of him taking action was that he signed up for the Top 1% offer : to get coached by JT and his team at his house in Florida in August 2017, and interviewing Al Pacino in November 2017 in L.A. at “Mega Success” ( ), and thus we both became part of the JT Foxx family. Now, we will be learning from the best together in order to grow ourselves and our businesses to the next level.

JT Foxx with Christian Bartsch

At the speed of a rocket, we have just launched my Water and Sky Coaching business and website, this week, including my BLOG ( ) in German and English language. These are the results of what I have learned so far from the JT Foxx Wealth workout program. We look forward to taking further action together with JT and his top coaches.

 Frankfurt - JT Foxx Mega speaker event


“Mama - he looks like JT Foxx!”

What touched my heart deeply was when I picked up our daughter from kindergarten last week. She noted a man on our way home and shouted out loud: “Mama, he looks like JT Foxx!” Wow, I thought, and she was right. There were definitely some similarities.

But the best is that not only did JT Foxx inspire me to take action, but his impact has touched all of our family and this is just the start of our journey together.

JT Foxx signs Christian Bartsch's tie

I remember what JT Foxx said in his seminar: “It takes one person or one opportunity to change your life.”

Feeling grateful we took action together!

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