"You can have all the riches and successes of the world, but if you are not healthy, you have nothing." Steven Adler

• What does health mean to you?

• Would you like to lose a few pounds, become generally fitter, quit smoking or look younger? These are the external benefits that are possible.

• Or do you care about your inner beauty, your level of energy and charisma, your inner balance and satisfaction? Here it becomes more substantial. Here we have a look behind the façade: Who are you on the inside? What makes you really happy?

• Is your job stressing you out, are the working hours too long, is the environment tense, have you become marginal or are you suffering from burn-out? If so, you need to see improvements—and fast! In short: It's about getting to the heart of the matter.

• Whatever your personal goals for your health, I can accompany you with the HSC® on this path.

• In this case, we will open the treasury of your internal resources. When all the forces stored in it are activated, you can develop and implement your individual strategy to quickly reach your goals.

• Remember: what is true for you personally, will be true in other situations, as team player or team leader. You need to take care of yourself, but also take care of the others.

• You should feel ignited by passion, not burned out!