• 14 semesters Business Studies (BS Business Administration and MS Accounting) in Boston / USA

• 15 years of practical experience as a senior manager in

• 4 companies in 33 cities on 3 continents with participation in

• 284 meetings

• 60 board meetings

• 57 contracts

• 37 years of movement training (ballet, dance, gymnastics, yoga)

• 48 rounds of golf and 297 games of tennis

• 128 hours training in HypnosystemCoaching®

• 100+ case studies and insights into the human struggle of wins and losses in business, in sports and in our personal lives.

In my travels a coach and consultant, I have been fortunate to work with different personalities, cultures, and businesses. What fascinated me most however, was what I could learn from others. Why is your company successful? What does happiness mean to you? What is your next goal or task? In this way, I could get to know their ideas and strategies.”

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"Nothing makes me happier than helping people go in a new direction, to put new ideas, impulses, inspiration and goals into action, to help them grow beyond their current selves. It is my calling, my raison d’étre. That is why I created WATER AND SKY. "