The goal is:

• 100% performance and success • 100% authenticity • 100% career or hobby satisfaction •100% improvement in communication • 100% confidence in partnerships and teams • 100% creativity and stamina • 100% resilience and health • 100% charisma and leadership • 100% happiness.

I know these 100% promises seem to be beyond our potential. But 100% should be our goal, yours as well as mine. 100% may be the ideal, rather than a realistic goal. But 100% is the paradigm against which we can measure ourselves


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This vision of 100% • lets us grow • lets us utilize our unique powers • activates our courage • keeps us moving • inspires us • lets us reach for the stars • lets us mature as individuals • and with all that be in joy and utmost respect for ourselves.

In WATER AND SKY Coaching sessions, we go step by step to bring you closer to your very own 100%.

Let’s dive the deepest waters – and then only the sky is Your limit!